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The Phoniebox

A Weekend Project

The Phoniebox video guide:

»The easiest option with off the shelf hardware«, concludes the online magazine while presenting their version in this video. Read the full article here. All in German, true. If you have an English video to replace this with, contact us!

Phoniebox fits your family

Child's play to build and child's play to use

  • Phoniebox

    Childishly simple to use...

    Simply swipe the RFID card, fob or sticker to trigger the audio fun.

  • Phoniebox

    ... child's play to build.

    Quickly assembled from plug'n'play components, no soldering iron needed. The software and instructions are for free on the web.

  • Phoniebox

    Manage via phone, tablet or PC

    The Phoniebox is accessible over WiFi from your phone, tablet or PC. This is how you add audio files, streams and register new cards.

  • Phoniebox
    MP3, OGG and Streams

    Podcasts, web radio, Google und mehr

    The Phoniebox plays (almost) everything.

You never build alone

Free software, community and Raspberry Pi


Many Phoniebox enthusiasts are helpful and online, as in this German forum or in English at the feature and bug reporting.

Raspberry Pi

The small and affordable Raspberry Pi is at the heart of the Phoniebox. Any Pi will do, so you can save money and the planet by getting a used one.

Freie Software

The software of the Phoneibox is open source and freely available on the web. The same page also features a detailed installation guide.


Every Phoniebox is an original.


A brief crafts tutorial

Fire Engine

So hot!


Upcycling into a Phoniebox

Phoniebox Calendar

Everyone builds an original

Over the past few years, I have created collages from some of the Phoniebox images sent to us, because the designs are just too beautiful not to give them a stage.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Screencast by We love Tech

Installation and Hardware

Web App and Audio / Spotify

The finished Phoniebox in action